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St. Joseph MN

Sunny Sunday Spotlight – Week 1 (April 10)

WR Home Company (formerly Weathered Revivals) is owned by Kendra Harlander and Shantel Waytashek.

Kendra & Liz pregnant at the same time last summer

I was about 37 weeks pregnant with Davie Jo (8 months after Josh died) and I received a message via Instagram from a cute littler store in St. Joe called Weathered Revivals. I had been inside the store a few times, but wasn’t a regular customer at that point. Kendra asked if I would be interested in selling some of my flowers there. She said they could have my Venmo displayed or they could make change for people to pay in cash there. This was the first time a store had wanted to carry my product, and I was flattered and a bit awe struck. If you ask my closest friends, they can confirm the dozen snapchats I sent about how excited I was that such a beautiful store wanted to sell MY flowers.

Since that day, I have displayed many more bouquets there, and my blooms are offered there seasonally. They were one of the first stores to agree to carry my book, When Flowers Bloom, and these sweet girls have been mentors to me in ways they probably don’t realize. As experienced business owners, they took the time to discuss wholesale pricing, invoicing, and sales without making me feel dumb. “When you get where you’re going, don’t forget to turn back around and help the next one in line. Always stay humble and kind.”

These two women are infectious with their positive attitudes, their giving, and their passions that are showcased in their store. Many of the products in their store have strong ties to the area, and personal touches you won’t get anywhere else. Their store is the perfect mix of trendy, classic, timeless, and seasonal.

They’re moving down the block in May and hosting a grand opening on May 7. I will be there with flowers and signing books!

They are also hosting a Take Back Motherhood Event, and I am the primary speaker on night two.  click here to sign up

Facebook: @weatheredrevivalsmn

Instagram: @weatheredrevivalsmn

Kendra & Shantel, co-owners of WR Home Company

WR Home Company is a full lifestyle boutique. They carry a range of home decor, furniture, clothing, baby, and gifts. At WR Home company you will find a curated collection of many small companies along with MN brands. You enter their doors and feel like you’re at home.

Each Sunday, I shine some light on a local business that is boomin’ and bloomin’. To read more about other local businesses I have showcased, click here.

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