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Sunny Sunday Spotlight

Sunny Sunday Spotlight

Shining some light on a local business
that is boomin’ and bloomin’.

I’m not from here. I grew up in the very southwest corner of MN, right on the SD border. I went to college (undergrad and grad school) at SDSU in Brookings (Go Jacks!). I moved up here after college with my best friend because we both could get jobs here. Neither of us ever planned to make Central MN our home, but careers and love led us to put roots down here and we have stayed.

When Josh passed away in December 2020, many people asked if I was going to stay in Central MN or move back closer to my parents. Of course it crossed my mind. Josh was the reason I lived here. We considered moving closer to my parents in the early years of our marriage and likely would have relocated had we not been offered the opportunity to purchase his family farm where we now live.

What made me decide to stay and call this home? There are many factors, but the main one is that this is where I most feel his presence. I want our daughters to “know” him, and raising them here is the best chance to do that. The other factor that led to my decision to stay here is the people. This community. The support from the people and individuals in this area has been overwhelmingly positive, and it is because of these people that I want to put our roots down even deeper and stay put.

Every Sunday, I am going to showcase a local business that I have somehow forged a connection to. I’m calling it the Sunny Sunday Spotlight. I will shine a light on a business that is boomin’ and bloomin’.

Featured Businesses

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