~ A 6th Generation Flower Farm ~

~ A 6th Generation Flower Farm ~

Frequently Asked Questions

They are sold out for 2022, but the 2023 spring and summer subscriptions will go on sale late Sept/early October (exact date TBD).  My 2022 subscribers will get first chance to sign up, followed by newsletter subscribers, and then social media followers.  Check out my Subscription FAQ page on my website and watch for more info coming soon!

Send me a message on Facebook/Instagram or via email to order one.  I don’t have them listed on my website because I don’t always have extra flowers available — subscriptions get filled first.  I usually always can have enough flowers for custom orders, but not always last minute / same day.

I will happily make some matching centerpieces for an event, but I also really appreciate my DIY customers. I sell mixed 5 gallon buckets of flowers for you to arrange yourself, and it’s an affordable and fun option for my customers!  Just send me a message.

We are not open to the public at all times and don’t have open hours.  We host events on the farm, and have pick up on the farm for flowers, but we are not just open to the public. This is our home.  I love sharing this beautiful place, but not unexpectedly.  Of course, if you’ve arranged to pick up flowers and want to check out the mural, please do so!

Not at this time.  We are looking into adding a delivery day for subscriptions next year, along with potentially signing up through Door Dash.

Check out the events tab on my website— there is a monthly option in the calendar that is very easy to read.  It’s not complete for the season and I will post about last minute events as I have a surplus of flowers, so check frequently for updates!  Also, the best way to know about all happenings is to sign up for my newsletter because social media posts get missed.  https://sunnymarymeadow.com/events/month/

Monday August 8 at 7PM!

I do rent my farm out to photographers for an hourly rate. Please send me an email for more  details.  I also do collaborations for mini sessions, so if you’re a photographer that wants me to load the truck up with pumpkins or flowers and you can host mini sessions, let’s chat!

You can have it shipped on my website, or you can always pick it up from the farm (again, just send me a message!)

Not right now.  Never say never, but we may consider it in the future.  I’m fortunate to have an incredibly talented employee with very valuable experience in the floral industry, and it all depends what direction we decide to grow.  It would be incredibly dependent on the time of year as we grow our flowers and what is blooming will change with the seasons.  As mentioned above, I do sell buckets of flowers for those DIY events if you were to arrange them yourself. 

I have one part-time employee and a couple others that are quite casual/as needed.  I hope we continue to grow, and I would advertise if the time comes to continue to grow.

My business does thrive off volunteers during peak busy seasons (planting and cleanup), and I’m constantly taking people up on offers to come pick buckets of flowers for a few hours or pull weeds!