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8664 360th Street – St. Joseph, MN

Poppy Salon

Sunny Sunday Showcase
Week 4 (May 1)

Poppy Salon is owned by friends, family, and co-owners Jackie Hyndman, Nicolle Kruger, and Alex Hyndman

Flashback to a decade ago.  I’m 22 years old and I was living in my aunt and uncle’s basement for a few months until I found an apartment.  I just moved here after college and was working as a new grad RN.  I needed a haircut so I went to a random salon I found online via google and scheduled a haircut with a gal named Nicolle.  I liked the haircut so I scheduled another appointment with her 3 months later.

Fast forward to June of 2012 (my next haircut with her) and it was literally the next day after I met my late husband.  I couldn’t stop talking about him.  “I met this boy and he was so cute and it wasn’t supposed to be a date it was just supposed to be friends getting together but I’m pretty sure I’m in love and sparks flew and he called me at midnight and asked me on a date and we are going to see eachother again tonight and he is so cute and so smart and so funny and I have already named our fictitious children in my mind and he has an awesome car and it has red leather seats and he grew up on a farm and …..”  Oh. My.  I’m sure it was painful.  So so painful for her.

Well, I ended up engaged 9 months later and married within two years of that.  A year later, Nicolle then went on to open a new salon, Poppy Salon, and I of course followed her there and again to the new location.  That same stylist has cut my hair every 3-4 months since, and been there for all of the big milestones.  She did my hair and makeup for engagement photos, my wedding, my maternity sessions, and everything else in between.  

Summer of 2020 was when I started growing/selling cut flowers.  I reached out to the salon and asked if I could bring a free one to have sitting up front with my information as a way to try to get the word out of my business.  Nicki, Jackie, and Alex did one better – they said, “Nope.  We want to buy 3 and can have them spread out more than just the front desk.”  They then shared photos of the flowers on social media and ended up bringing in a whole new group of customers for me that I would never have reached before.  They are the definition of “women supporting women” and helping others along the way.  There is a reason they have been voted Best Hair Salon in Central MN for seven years in a row.  SEVEN.

You’re so much more than a customer there – you walk in and you are like family.  The new location makes for a big enough feel that you really do get to be 1:1 with your stylist even though there are about a dozen other clients there.  I know a haircut might be just something you have to check off your to-do list and you don’t care where you go, but I’ll ask you this: If your husband passed away, would your hair salon send you flowers to the funeral?  Would they gift you a complimentary haircut and upgrade you to a luxe treatment just to try to give you an afternoon of “feeling better”?  Would they buy you and your daughter matching aprons to collect your chicken eggs in?  (Yes, that really happened.)   

Alex, Nikki, and Jackie — owners of Poppy Salon
Alex, Nikki, and Jackie — owners of Poppy Salon

I’m a pretty low maintenance gal. I have never colored my hair in my life, and 99% of the time my hair is up in a hair tie so I don’t get dirt in it… but pampering myself at Poppy is one way I treat myself and get that #selfcare.

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