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Winter Sowing

Winter sowing involves starting seeds in plastic containers and creating a mini greenhouse to protect them from the elements and save space from starting seeds indoors. It can also help your flowers get started (and bloom) earlier in the season.

You can do it with a variety of vegetables, but there are many flowers that can be winter sowed! Basically any flower that says to seed “as soon as ground can be worked” is a good candidate to be winter sown and is cold hardy.

I planted: Larkspur, Delphinium, Bells of Ireland, Foxglove, Green Mist, and Cerinthe.

Stay tuned for a few months to see how they turn out!

-In MN we have a wide window to winter sow

-Start in January so you don’t risk a warm spell to starting to germinate the seeds

-Drill holes in the bottom for water drainage

-Cut the jug in half 1″ below the handle

-Dampen your potting soil

-It should be moist enough to stick together but not sopping wet

-Get a cute helper to stir it up

-Put the soil in the jugs

-Throw your seeds on top

-Label with a paint marker (a sharpie will fade)

-Use duct tape to close the jugs

-Keep the lids off (they need water and snow to get inside for moisture and air needs to escape)

-Place the jugs in a spot that will get the same amount of sun where you will transplant them

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