We’re hiring!

Sunny Mary Meadow is looking for summer help! Roughly 20 hours per week (15-25 depending on the right candidate)

Must be willing to get your hands dirty and willing to learn. No experience required. Every week will be different. I’m flexible on the hours and responsibilities based on your skill set and what interests you. Flowers need to be picked before it gets too hot, so at least 2 days a week I need help by 6:30AM. You can do five 3 hour days one week and two 8 hour days the next week or any combination you need.

This is a physically active job with moderate amounts of lifting buckets of water and kneeling to pull weeds.

Starts late April / early May with tulip season and ends late October with Dahlia dividing

Required duties: pick flowers, wash jars, wash buckets, pull weeds, plant flowers

Possible responsibilities (depending on interests and skill sets): photograph flowers, ship books and shirts, teach flower classes, deliver flowers, update website, newsletter

If interested — email sunnymarymeadow@gmail.com with availability, desired hourly pay, and anything else you want me to know! Will start interviewing the week of March 21. Please also list 1-2 references. You can attach a resume if you have one, but I promise I won’t judge you if it’s not perfectly typed out and pretty (have you seen my website?!?)

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