~ A 6th Generation Flower Farm ~

~ A 6th Generation Flower Farm ~

How subscriptions work

How it works:

Our subscriptions will be guaranteed and the first filled with the best blooms. The “extras” are posted for sale as they’re available AFTER I fill subscriptions.  You get fresh cut locally grown flowers every week (or whatever frequency you choose).  They will be in the Subscription Pick Up room (protected from the heat and elements) with an assigned day for your pickup.  They’ll be ready at 9 AM the morning of and you can pick them up at your convenience throughout the day.  These flowers are grown right here on the farm.


You choose Tuesday or Friday either weekly or bi-weekly for the summer subscriptions.  Spring subscriptions are 4 weeks in a row either every Tuesday or Every Friday. Send a DM on Instagram/Facebook or an email to liz@sunnymarymeadow.com. If I don’t hear from you after you complete your purchase, I’ll reach out to you. If you’re flexible, let me know that too and I’ll assign you a day.

If you can’t pick them up:

If you are not able to pick up flowers on your assigned day and need to switch one week, please let me know a week in advance.   Tuesday and Friday are the two choices, but I can make exceptions as long as I’m around to make an arrangement when you want to pick them up. If you’re biweekly and want to switch to the next week, you can absolutely do that as long as I know ahead of time.

If you want to have someone else pick up your flowers, please let me know as these will be in the yard (rather than at the stand at the end of the driveway) and we want to know who is coming and going.  This is our primary residence, so please be respectful of that.

If you can’t pick up your flowers one week and wish to have them donated to the nursing home drop off that week, please let me know.

If you forget on a day and want to come the next day, that is no problem!  They’ll just be a day older because they were ready when we agreed upon.  I often make them the day before and it’s a perishable good.  Think of it as ordering cupcakes from a bakery, forgetting to pick them up, and asking them to make fresh ones two day later.  I want to be as accommodating as possible if you let me know in advance, but I’ll have your flowers ready on the day and time we agreed upon unless you know a week ahead of time. If they’re still not picked up 2 days later, I will donate them to either a nursing home or a local business lobby for people to enjoy. I try to reach out if I notice someone forgot, but as I have almost 20 people coming to pick up it is difficult to keep track of who forgets. 

TIP: Set a weekly reminder in your phone to pick them up