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Flower Classes

Build your own Bouquet Class (on the farm)

Great as an individual wanting to learn, as ladies night out, or consider booking your own event for a group.  It is a great team-building event or way to start out a bachelorette party weekend. 

We start with a garden tour, learning the basics of a cut flower garden.  I will then walk you through the resources I have used to help me along the way.  Finally, you will each design your own arrangement.  

Please send us an e-mail if don’t see any openings on a specific date that you desire.   I’m willing to add an entire class date if you have a group.  While there will likely be exceptions to this rule, the ideal class sizes are 6-12 participants.  

Classes are priced per person.

Feel free to bring your own snacks and beverages.

Kids and classes:

If you have booked an entire date for a private group, children are welcome.  As long as the private group is okay with you bringing your toddler, I’m okay with it.  Children 5 and older will be required to have a paid ticket.  I LOVE KIDS but the Build Your Own Bouquet Classes are intended for adults.

Check out the “Kids Classes” page for the kid friendly classes!

To inquire about a class or book for an event, fill out the form below.

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