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I want to help you grow your own cut flower garden.

I created this incredibly simple DIY guide to grow your own cut flower garden.  It’s perfect for someone just getting started gardening, or if you already have a vegetable garden and want to add cut flowers.  I specifically chose flowers that can be grown directly from seed instead of transplanting them.  This will save time, money, energy, and efforts.  Plus I have learned that mother nature grows them way better than I do!

I partnered with HadleighHouseUnpacked and am offering this book for less $$ than your morning latte.  In the book there is a diagram of how many plants you’ll need (and where to plant them) so you can have a bouquet every week all summer long.

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Additionally — lets all learn TOGETHER!  I created a private Facebook Group for those that purchase a copy so everyone is growing the same garden.  The group is entirely optional once you purchase a copy, and so far there are 40 individuals looking to get their hands dirty!  JOIN US!

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