Buy One Give One

In the first year of COVID, we successfully delivered 201 arrangements to residents at St. Benedict Senior Community, Chateau Waters, Country Manor, Assumption Nursing Home, Serenity Place on 7th, Good Shepherd, Ridgeview Cherrywood, and Edgewood.

In 2020, all flowers were buy one, GIVE one.  For every flower arrangement sold, I brought a second to the “nursing home of the week”.  I chose a different local long-term care facility each week and gave the flowers to the staff to distribute to the residents they felt would most benefit.  In 2021, I made it an add-on option for existing subscription holders to do a GIVE one option. This worked well, but it didn’t get non-subscription holders a way to participate.

For 2022, it is a separate purchase. This allows people that live farther away to participate and give a little! Click here to purchase a GIVE one subscription. Questions? Send me an email at

*Based on feedback from staff at the care facilities, due to the small room size in the residents’ rooms, all of the “GIVE one” arrangements are in pint size jars.  They are still arranged with the same flowers.

If you want to send arrangements to the nursing home of the week, fill out the form below. We will contact you to arrangement payment (options include Venmo, Paypal, or check).